Our Proven Process

Get the recruiter response you’re looking for! When you engage an Elysian recruiter on a candidate search, you’ll gain a partner who finds that rare and exceptional candidate.

Our Proven Process is a full-cycle staffing solution that attracts talent available on the market and also talent who are content with their current role, but, when presented with the right opportunity, are inspired to consider making a move.

We take the time to understand your business and place a high standard of care in our vetting process.

We ask the right questions of our prospective candidates.

We evaluate the soft skills as much as we do the hard skills.

We manage all candidate communications and negotiations.

We promote your company perks and benefits as well as your company culture.

We inform and excite candidates about opportunities.

Our collective mission is to uncover just the right professionals for your openings.

Once you've selected your candidate, we’ll stay close to ensure the partnership between you and them is exceeding your expectations. Should a candidate placement not meet expectations, you’ll always have our recruiting team’s support in identifying another professional.

What you can expect:
  • A recruiting team fully engaged and committed to your open job(s) — all jobs receive equal attention
  • Qualified talent who meet your requirements and who are informed about your company and culture
  • Recruiters who are passionate and experts in the creative and marketing space
  • An accepted offer in a shortened timeline
  • A team who partners with your organization to learn about the unique perks and benefits you have to offer, upholds your brand, and communicates proactively to our candidates