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As an agency, your unique talent needs require the expertise of professional recruiters who understand the agency model. From the super niche candidate — a writer with a strong record of crafting copy in an HCP therapeutic category or for a luxury sports car — to generalists with award-winning agency experience, we specialize in finding your perfect match.

We take pride in our ability to connect you with the right talent for your agency's needs. With a diverse network of creative, marketing, and agency support professionals that continues to grow daily, we're well-equipped and poised to assist you.

Facing an immediate need due to a sudden request from a client? We can present a group of freelance candidates within 48 hours. Need a creative team assembled right away? We have a record of rapidly enhancing our agency clients’ capacities through multi-candidate searches.

No matter what your talent needs are, the Elysian team is ready to assist you with your candidate search.

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