Setting you up for success in and outside of your career

At Elysian, we believe that inspired talent with a clear vision for their ‘dream role’ leads to the most successful, long-term organizational matches!

That’s why we begin our interviews by asking a crucial question: 
“What would you love?”

If you don’t know the answer to this essential question, or need to further build out your vision around it, that’s OK — our coaching program might be just the right fit for you to get clear on your answers!

Through our Professional Coaching Services and DreamBuilder programs, we guide you to define your core values, determine your career dreams, and design a life you would love to live, aligning these elements with what success means to you professionally and personally.

You’ll be taught skills and strategies to overcome common career obstacles — feeling stuck or blocked from progressing in your career or feeling uncertain about your work — from our Transformational Business Coach and Founder Jessica Ozrek!

About Jessica

Jessica and the Elysian team invite you to experience her coaching firsthand. Whether you’re a professional navigating career transitions or looking to reconnect with what excited you about your profession to begin with, she is ready to steer you to unparalleled success!