Leading agencies and brands in the market

Pioneers of creativity. Brand visionaries. Creative and marketing executives establish the perception of your business in the market and foster relationships that lead to sustainable growth.

At Elysian Staffing, we offer a meticulous and all-encompassing search service in which we source, assess, and present the finest executive talent for your organization.

Our creative executive staffing services incorporate industry-leading evaluations. We help you identify the leadership candidates most aligned with your vision, culture, and purpose, manage all meetings and communications, and work with you to craft the most effective offer for a successful hire.

With a network consisting of the most reputable and talented leaders in the industry, Elysian conducts executive searches for various roles, including:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Creative Officer
  • Chief Brand Officer
  • Executive Creative Director
  • Group Executive Creative Director
  • (Agency) Chief Executive Officer
  • (Agency) Chief Financial Officer
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