Why Building a Diverse Team is So Important

March 8, 2018

The job search can be long and frustrating--As recruiters, we know that frustration and struggle well. But we also know that your job search can be helped if you’re applying during the right seasons. “The right season?! There’s a right season to apply?!” is what you might be shouting internally right now. And the answer is yes--there is.

Some job openings exist solely based on need, but it’s also not uncommon for companies to arrange their budgets and plans based on how they’re looking to build their team or company structure moving forward. Usually, budgets are reset or rearranged at the beginning of a new fiscal year, or sometimes quarterly depending on the company.

Ultimately, that means that there are new positions to be filled at least once a year in almost any company, especially when it comes to creative teams--which is why your first step before you even think of applying to a new job or starting a job search should be putting together a long list of companies you’d like to work for, work with, and want to check on job postings from periodically. If you have that target list of companies, the beginning of the year up until spring (January through April) is the perfect time to check on those job listings.

During the beginning of the year, companies and internal teams have reassessed their spending and employees, and are drafting new plans to figure out who else they might need to be successful. That gives you an in--if all of your materials (your resume, cover letter, and portfolio or website if necessary) are pre-prepared, you’ll always be a few clicks away from the right timing.

Perhaps the worst time to apply to jobs is the summer months, because so many people are planning summer vacations or trying to spend as little time stuck inside doing work as possible. That also means that people are spending less time thinking about hiring.
But even if it’s a “bad” time of year or the companies that you want to work for aren’t currently hiring, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to score a job or find success. Regardless of season, there will always be job postings. The key to making sure you can snag an interview no matter the time of year is that preparedness, and being on guard and ready at all times to apply, to network, or meet your future boss or co-workers.

Whether you currently have a job and are looking for something new, or you’re lacking full-time employment and looking for your next dream job, the most important thing you can do to prepare is continually perform self-assessments. Even if you haven’t applied to new jobs in a month, or don’t think you’ll find anything to apply to in the near future, self-assessment is critical for understanding exactly what you want from your future job, employer, scope of work, and team members. The more you understand what you want and how flexible you’re willing to be, the easier your job search will be.

You’ll know how to better translate your wants and needs in an interview, as well as your strengths, weaknesses, and overall thoughtfulness--then you’ll really be an A+ candidate, and the season won’t matter anyway.

All the best