COVID-19 Relief Resources for Advertising and Marketing Professionals

November 20, 2020

You might find it hard to get a read on the state of the economy currently. The weekly jobs' reports trend positively enough as more and more jobs are added to the economy each week. Although the reality is slightly more nuanced and we're not out of the recession yet, there are reasons to be hopeful. For one, a new stimulus package is on the horizon! Until then, here are resources to explore as we head into an economically and virally uncertain holiday season.


Arts and Culture Leaders of Color Emergency Fund is providing microgrants of $200 to BIPOC artists and administrators. created a comprehensive guide on personal finances to help professionals maintain their financial stability in COVID-19’s wake. Additionally, they have an income annuities explainer that can help those experiencing unemployment or who are struggling generate long-term income.

Artist Relief is accepting applications for its rolling cycles of emergency grant making for creatives. Apply here!

Leveler is a peer-to-peer resource for the "redistribution of wealth." You can sign up to receive and donate.

Red Bull Arts is also providing microgrants of $1000 per month to artists and creators in 19 cities across the country, including New York.

The Freelancers Union has a grant-making program of up to $1000 per applicant. The program is for freelancers and their families.


We wrote about the creative industries' calls for 'T-shaped skill sets.' Agencies and brands are hoping to find creatives with well-rounded skills in addition to their specialization (e.g., a graphic designer who can write beautiful copy). And Microsoft's research corroborates this.

Microsoft is offering free courses in the top ten skills set to be most in-demand after the crisis, including graphic design and digital marketing. Check it out!

If work is hard to find, staying proactive in other areas--like learning--will assuage the doubts employers sometimes have about those who are unemployed for longer than six months. Additionally, the economic destruction caused by the pandemic will add another layer of padding against these doubts.

If you missed our summer report on other free skills-building resources, have a look!


What will the creative job market look like next year? Between 14 and 23 million US workers surveyed are planning to move to a new city or region thanks to this year's rapid expansion and experimentation with remote work. While you can bet this means more competition, it also means more opportunities!

This isn't to say there won't be challenges, but a new stimulus effort and other targeted measures will go a long way in addressing these disparities and facilitating a robust recovery.

And now we'd like to remind you that we are still providing free resume and portfolio reviews to all creatives who've been laid off or furloughed due to the crisis. Send your materials to if you'd like to take advantage!

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