4 Steps to Take Before Starting Your Job Search

November 17, 2017

It’s no secret that landing your dream role or a position at a fantastic company can be equal parts timing and luck. Even still, your ability to be thoughtful and intentional while searching and applying is just as important. Simple missteps and careless mistakes could be your downfall while on the hunt for a new job. Because we coach people through this process all the time, the Elysian team knows there are some key ways to make sure you’re on the right course. Want to find out how to create a smoother and less anxiety-inducing process for yourself? Look no further!

Here, we share our insights:

1. Research, research, research.
Put in the due diligence. Making sure that you research the kinds of companies and positions that you think you want will guarantee that you’re prepared. It will help you write better cover letters, tailor your resume to the specific roles you apply for, and help you filter out the kinds of jobs you don’t want. Ultimately, this will be your biggest time-saver, even though it may feel like it’s taking time and effort out of your schedule at first.

2. Have resume and cover letter templates ready to go.
Some jobs that you apply for may be more similar to one another than others, while others will be extremely different. It’s good to have some sort of template to start with so you’re not completely working from scratch every single time. Always tailor specific sections like “skills” to the specific jobs you’re applying for.

3. Prepare for interviews ahead of time.
Think about your strengths and weaknesses, your career path so far, and the goals that you have for yourself. These will be common questions in interviews and you want to appear thoughtful when answering basic things. Among the most common questions from interviewers are, “Tell me about yourself” and “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Your answers should be concise and authentic.

This is your elevator pitch--why are you unique or the best fit for the role? Have at least several examples of stories you can tell that will showcase your strengths, how you’ve handled various situations maturely and professionally, and times you brought positive change or growth to past companies. Have at least some sense of where your career is going. Last but importantly not least, have a narrative prepared that will tell the interviewer just enough about who you are to make them curious. This will help them guide the conversation and provide them with more questions to ask you.

4. Network and connect!
Go to events or simply reach out to people by e-mail and social media, including LinkedIn. Sometimes the best way to get where you want to go is through simply making connections with people--especially people who are in a position or field similar to what you want to be working in. The more people that you meet and speak with, the more people you may get advice from. At the very least, you’re expanding the list of people you know who may vouch for you, or think of you when they hear of a job.

Long days of fixing your resume, clicking through job listings, and sending seemingly endless amounts of applications might feel exhausting... but don’t give up! Remember that all good things take time, and if you’re putting effort into your job search, a door will open for you sooner rather than later.

Do you have more questions about searching for jobs or working with recruiters? Contact us! We’d love to help.